Tips & Tricks

Want some good advice on being a mellophone player? You've come to the right spot!
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1. Avoid damage

The mellophone is one of the easiest instruments to damage (such as bending, dents, sun damage), so don't be stupid! Don't get the bell caught in the stands, don't swing your mello around, don't drop it, and don't get your mouthpiece stuck.

2. Balance of the instrument

Since we've also got that huge bell on the end, it will strain your arms when first starting more than you might think. You should be able to hold it horizontal to the ground for 5 minutes before starting band camp!

3. Decorating it! (HaLlOwEeN / Pep Band)

The mello's size makes it perfect to deck the instrument! You can tape images on the front, put christmas lights on the side, etc.!

4. Tuning it

It's an unusual instrument to beginners (3 spit valves?!??), so most can't find the correct tuning slide right away. Here's a helpful image!
Tuning slide of a Mellophone

5. Practice

You should praticing your mellophone every day outside of band camp until school is back in order to sound the best you can as early as possible. C'mon guys- let's be the best section! "Practice makes perfect!"

6. Looooooong tones

Playing long tones is one of the best ways to progress your playing skills and win the ladies. Play 'F Down in Half Steps' slowly, play the fight song slowly, or try this sheet music I found online:
Long tones sheet music